Main Project
  Aiming at tourism, leisure, health, entertainment, hot springs, catering and other ecological tourism projects, Xiayan Group depends on unique craft strength, professional teams and large planning ideas to pay attention to the overall control of the projects, as well as the deep consideration to operational capability and profitability, in order to provide one-stop services from overall planning, market survey, investment analysis, project planning to engineering construction, marketing plan and hosting operation for clients.
Business Scope
  • · Design and Construction of Ecological Cultural Landscape
  • · Design and Construction of Theme Culture Landscape
  • · Planning and Management of Ecological Cultural Landscape
  • · Design and Construction of Travel and Leisure Place Landscape
  • · Design and Construction of Villa Landscape
  • · Design and Construction of Hot Spring/Water Entertainment Landscape
  • · Design and Construction of Park Landscape
Three Main Businesses
Major in building ecological hotel-breathing
  Creative industry of Xiayan Group opens the restaurant mode of Chinese ecological culture, which is also the most good at business area. Since 2001 the first ecological restaurant, namely the Shenyang Green Ecological Park, improving quality continuously and accumulating experience, after more than ten years of evolution, it has been promoted from a simple dining service place to an ecological theme hotel bearing cultural connotation, joined the accommodation, viewing, and even science stereo sense perception to be an important part of ecological tourist chain, so that it is worthy of being the top brand of the ecological landscape in China.
Representative works: Changzhou Xiayan Sanqin Ecological Park, Suqian Window of the World Ecological Restaurant.
Together with Disney and other theme park giants, whose footprint has spread overseas
  Based on the Chinese style, laying a foundation of studies of Chinese ancient civilization, leaded by the culture, the later-comers surpassing the former, mainly focusing on the Chinese traditional culture creative theme, scene will change at every step, and showing the space-time transformation of historical frame by many dimensions; seeing from small matters, concrete image concentrated with the style focus in different periods, discovering ancient wisdom to recreate splendid history; 100% design scheme matched with strong grounding implementation planning, so as to ensure each topic to show its unique personality; classic kernel, exquisite craft, a variety of leisure experience, the revival of the Chinese wind is gradually rising to the height equally matched to Disney and other international industries. Xiayan group will keep going to strive to be the industrial elite.
Representative works: Shanghai Disneyland, Russian Vladivostok City Sea Park, Jiaungsu Changzhou Yancheng Hundred Schools of Thought in the Spring and Autumn Period, Xinjiang Silk Roads Cultural Industrial Park,etc;
Imaginative Neo-orientalism representative of hot spring
  Water is the source of life, water benefits everything without evoking conflicts or resistance, thousands of postures of water can not be put in words; Xiayan Group makes use of the unique national patent landscape construction craft to build hot spring environment full of oriental artistic conception connecting the ecological function of the water and the spiritual pursuit of people in series to provide double peace and pleasure for the body and mind outside the entertainment, closing to water, cherishing the water to nourish blood and connect channel in order to stretch the mind to achieve a meditative spirit experience, and supplemented by complete functional plates, for example dining, which is regarded as the best choice to release stress and regain self.
Representative works: Hot Spring Leisure City, Tianjin Ronda Ecological Hot Springs, etc;
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