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Design and Construction advantage of Hot Spring Landscape
Xiayan specializes in the full service from planning, landscape design, construction, construction to later-stage operation and management of hot spring resort.
  On terms of design, Xiayan cooperates with international top spring design agency, exploring and pursuing with great concentration the "Water" element in Chinese culture, familiar with the hot spring culture and design aesthetics, covering from Oriental-style theme such as Japanese style and Thai style etc to European hot spring leisure mode.
  On terms of construction, Xiayan not only brings together a lot of leading talent in spring resort industry, but also adopts unique spring landscape construction technology system。
  Xiayan Hot Spring Construction provided design, construction and management service for over 100 projects home and abroad. Representative works: the hot spring resort first brand "Hot Spring Leisure City" in the capital Beijing, Tianjin "Longda Hot Spring City" which is known as the Largest Indoor Tropical Rainforest Spa in Asia etc.
Shandong Zhisheng Hot Spring Landscape
Tianjin Longda Hot Spring City
Hebei Cangzhou Shengtai Mingren Golf Hot Spring Resort Hotel
Jiangsu Changzhou Flower Hot Spring City
Beijing Hot Spring Leisure City Health Center Water Space
Shandong Tengzhou Yingtai Hot Spring Resort
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