Display Case -Landscape of Culture Theme Park
Design and construction advantage of landscape of culture theme park
  Xia Yan, Chief Architect, is known as "Chinese Culture Landscape Master" in the industry due to his outstanding art knowledge of gardening.
  On the terms of design philosophy, based on "With Creation as the Core and Culture-Oriented", the team creates unique and attractive theme plot and virtual atmosphere by deep excavation of essence of Chinese culture and adhering to the guidance of "Creativity" and cultural connotation.
  On the terms of technology, landscape design and construction is integrated into the culture theme and high and new technology with combination of virtual environment and garden environment.
  Representative works: the "Journey to the West Culture Theme Park" which costs four billion yuan and challenges the Disneyland, Jiangsu Changzhou Park of Hundred Schools of Thought in Yancheng, Changzhou, Jiangsu, etc.
Shanghai Disneyland
Anhui Hefei Wanda theme park
The Landscape Design of 21st Century Magic City in Nanjing, Jiangsu
Planning and Design for Chinese Jurassic Project in Shehong, Sichuan
Planning and Design for Cuanduyuyuan Cultural Tourism in Kunming, Yunnan
Planning and Design for Nuocheng Landscape in Guizhou Province, China
The Landscape Deepening Design for Chinese Cultural Tourism Complex Project in Xi’an
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