Display Case -Sunshine Ecological Culture Theme Hotel
Design and construction advantage of sunshine ecological culture theme hotel
   Xiayan has focused on the design and construction of sunshine ecological culture theme hotel for over 10 years and is known as "First Brand of Domestic Ecological Gardening", whose gardening art represents the highest level of current design and construction of ecological park.
   Persisting in the organic integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern business, led by cultural creation, use of the combination of natural landscape such as water system, mountain and rock and plant etc and modern materials, they reflect gardening through creation everywhere.
   Xiayan also provides overall solution of whole chain service of ecological restaurant from planning, design and construction to later stage operation.
   Design, construction and management experience of nearly 100 large-scale ecological parks, such as: Xinjiang Urumchi Shenmu Park, Changzhou Xiayan Sanqin Ecological Park etc.
Urban Oasis Ecological Restaurant in Kashi, Xinjiang
Chifeng Desert Green City Ecological Park
Huainan Donghua Yile Ecological Park Restaurant
Dapu Oasis Ecological Park
Hot Spring Leisure City Han Style Tang Rhume Ecological Restaurant
Suqian World Window Ecological Park
Shandong Yanzhou Fuyuan Spring Ecological Park
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